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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scalatron Bot Mars imporved to reach 7.5 million energy points in benchmark!

Hi, after playing a little more with Scalatron I've improved my bot in few areas:

Minibots count - now my bot can spawn more mini bots and also my mini bots can spawn other mini bots so they have much more collective force
GoHome influence decreased, until the end of game - mini bots are not so eager to capture master bot, but when game is near to end that force is getting much more important, so master bot could collect minibots energy
Master bot Hunger decreased and Explorer increased - because there are a lot of mini bots in the game, the master bot don't have to look for the food, much more important is to wander with a high pace to collect spawned mini bots

And the results are great. My bot reached about 7.5 million energy point in a benchmark, with 8 million in best round:

Benchmark average 20 rounds score:

Maximum score:

Of course you can find updated source code on github's ScalaBotMars project.


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